The serious part

A token for those who have had enough!

The serious part is as serious as we can be. We would like to begin by pointing out that every day there are hundreds of new coins/tokens appearing, everyone of them with a super project behind, or at least this is what they claim.
Statistically, most of them will fail, this is just simple math.

Another issue with most of the newborn coins/tokens is that, sometimes, one must be a rocket scientist to be able to use them. Why? We just don’t get it.As for the classic coins… Well, you try to make a profit mining. It is just impossible to compete with the big mines! So much for the decentralized economy that was promised.

Where do we stand in all of this?

  • We do not claim to have a big idea, nor do we think that one is necessary.
  • We do not claim to more than just a bunch of jokers looking to make a buck.

What we do say is that a coin should be easy to use, fast and cheap. One should not burn a month worth of electricity just to send a few tokens to some friend or client, this is just stupid.
That is the reason we do not believe that mining is a good option any more.

A coin should be just that: the mean to exchange goods. If you are looking for a good investment buy gold, or platinum, or learn to play football.

Joking aside what we try to do with Jokercoin is create a new coin where mining is not necessary, a fast easy to use and affordable coin. And if you are asking yourself why are selling tokens, well the answer is quite easy: building things cost money… in fact sending tokens from one wallet to another costs money.

Thats mostly it. Thanks for reading.

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